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Head chef Khanus Miah has over 20 years experience and is one of the finest chefs in the country. He was awarded Curry Chef of the year in 1999, Southern Region Curry Chef of the year 1999, West Berkshire Curry Chef of the year 1998 and was a finalist in the Chartered Institutes awards in 1998.

Imagine the cuisine of a massive country with over a billion people, a heterogeneous cultural tradition and countless regional dialects and traditions. Think India . With a long, long history and incredible range, our food is among the best on the planet.

The cuisine of this complex country is reflective of the intricacy of the civilization that gave birth to it. Cuisine in India is indeed an art form that runs like a thread through the generations. The regional diversity of Indian cuisine is far too considerable to digest as a whole here. Suffice to say that from one state to another, the appearance, aroma, colour, and flavour of a dish can vary.

Food plays a key role in traditional celebrations, as well as everyday life, and is prepared and consumed with great passion.

Our chefs make sure that all traditions and passion are brought to you at Indigo Bay .

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